Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Studies

On 22 April 1987, the U.N.D.P, with the help of the European Union (EEC), established the School of Hotel and Catering Services, to train people in the tourism sector. In January 1998, the School of Hotel and Catering Services, which under the Ministry of Tourism was transferred to the Maldives College of Higher Education on 01 February, forming the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies (FHTS). With the introduction of an undergraduate program in Hospitality and Tourism Studies, it became the highest qualification in this field in the country. In 2013, the first Masters course in Hospitality and Tourism Management was introduced. With the construction of the 10-storey building on 15 February 2015 with the assistance of the Government of India, the number of students trained by the faculty has increased, the resources of the faculty have increased and the training provided has expanded and strengthened.


Rahdhebai Higun, Machangolhi, Male’, 20371, Maldives
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“Hello, I’m an international student from Australia here at the past semster at the Maldives National University. I've been studying Bachelor of Arts in Policital Science and International Relations. My time at the Maldives National University and the Maldives in general has allowed me to grow academically and also personally. I've had the opportunity to make life long friends and experience so many different things.”

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations, 2022

“I chose MNU because the services provided at MNU are well worth the fees. At MNU, I have gained a lot of valuable experiences and lessons, not only in class but through activities such as sports, entertainment and those geared towards life skill development and preparing you for life. I have been studying various courses at MNU for a total of six years now, and in that time I find that everyone from the teachers to the office workers, work very well to give us the quality education expected of MNU.”

Bachelor of Business, 2022

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Life at Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Studies

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies (FHTS) formerly known as The School of Hotel and Catering Services (IHCS), was established in April 1987. Since its inception, it is recognized as the premier institute for tourism studies in the Maldives that has been producing excellent graduates in the areas of tourism, hospitality and culinary for the past three decades. FHTS is fully equipped to cater to the training needs of our customers, the students. Our courses are especially developed to meet the industry and the MQA requirements of the Maldives. We strongly work with our industry partners to provide access to internship and experiential learning opportunities to develop the future generation of this industry.

12+Industry Partners

Indian Ocean's Best Culinary Award 2021FHTS won the prestigious Award in 2021

Young Chef Award 2022- Best ambassador award - Mentor award - Highly commended award for Sustainability Presentation for the team

Young Chef Award 2020FHTS Student