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Sharafuddin Magu, Hithadhoo, 19020, Maldives


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“Hello, I’m an international student from Australia here at the past semster at the Maldives National University. I've been studying Bachelor of Arts in Policital Science and International Relations. My time at the Maldives National University and the Maldives in general has allowed me to grow academically and also personally. I've had the opportunity to make life long friends and experience so many different things.”

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations, 2022

“I chose MNU because I wanted to pursue a career in the nursing field. I did some research and I found out that among the universities in Maldives, MNU offers the best nursing courses. Studying at MNU has given me countless valuable experiences. Most importantly it allowed me implement what I learnt in theory classes in a practical setting.”

Bachelor of Nursing, 2022

Student Life

Life at Hithadhoo Campus

Maldives National University Hithadhoo Campus is without a doubt one of the best educational institutions dedicated to improving higher education quality in the Maldives’ developing south. The campus originated as Rural Youth Vocational Training Centre which commenced on 25th July 1985 in an uninhabited area of Addu city with just 5 employees. During that time, the programs offered were largely limited to carpentry courses and workshops. In 1996, the Electrical Electronics program was introduced and the population of students also expanded. As a result, the management strengthened, and the Hithadhoo campus became a pioneer in expanding higher education in Addu city day by day. On January 1, 2004, the aforementioned center was renamed Maldives College of Higher Education, Hithadhoo Campus. Within a month, certificate-level programs in nursing, teaching, electrical electronics, and carpentry were established, providing students with new prospects. Today, the campus provides qualifications ranging from certificate level to master’s degrees in a variety of subjects. It also serves as an academic home for students from the Maldives’ far north. It gives us, the Hithadhoo campus team, great joy to be able to provide recognized higher education to students from all around the Maldives.

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