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Discover the Power of Humanities & Social Sciences at the Faculty of Arts! Established in 2009, the Faculty of Arts has been a leader in developing and training human resources in the country in the areas of humanities and some selected areas of social sciences. Our mission is to inspire and empower students to become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible citizens who can make a positive impact in their communities.


FHTS Building, Falhumathee Hingun
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“The Maldives National University is the foundation of all the legal fields and One of the reasons why I have been able to attain scholarship opportunities and other success from the world's largest universities. Completing my degree at the Maldives National University laid a strong groundwork for my future endeavors.”

Mariyam Sunana
Bachelor of Shari'ah & Law (Honours), 2018

“Hello, I’m an international student from Australia here at the past semster at the Maldives National University. I've been studying Bachelor of Arts in Policital Science and International Relations. My time at the Maldives National University and the Maldives in general has allowed me to grow academically and also personally. I've had the opportunity to make life long friends and experience so many different things.”

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations, 2022

Student Life

Life at Faculty of Arts

Since its establishment in 2009, the Faculty of Arts (FA) has played a pivotal role in developing and training individuals in the Maldives with essential skills in the humanities and selected areas of social sciences. Our primary objective is to inspire and empower students, fostering their critical thinking abilities, effective communication skills, and a sense of responsibility as proactive citizens who can make meaningful contributions to their communities. The Faculty of Arts now offers a diverse range of 20 courses, spanning from Certificate Level III all the way to doctoral degrees. Whether you are embarking on your educational journey or seeking career advancement, we have a program tailored to suit your needs and aspirations.