Diploma in Dhivehi Language


Diploma(MNQF Level 5)
1 year(2 Semesters)
Available Modes (Full-Time)

current Intake

current Intake
February Intake 2024
Male' (Full-Time)


The Diploma in Dhivehi Language, offered by the Maldives National University, is a comprehensive program designed to strengthen your oral and written communication skills while facilitating smooth career advancement. This course provides you with a wide range of employment opportunities in fields directly related to the Dhivehi language, such as linguistics, writing, journalism, teaching, and other relevant domains. By enrolling in this program, you will gain valuable skills that will not only enhance your linguistic abilities but also broaden your professional prospects within the Dhivehi language domain. Throughout the course, you will receive expert guidance and practical training to ensure your proficiency in both spoken and written Dhivehi. Whether you are looking to establish yourself as a language expert, pursue a career in teaching, or delve into the realms of writing and journalism, this diploma program equips you with the necessary tools to succeed.

Entry Requirements

General Entry

  • i) Two passes at GCE AL/HSC OR equivalent and 3 passes at GCE OL/SSC including Dhivehi or equivalent OR
  • ii) Attainment of a Level 4 qualification and a pass in SSC Dhivehi or equivalent OR
  • iii) Completion of MNU level 4 Foundation Studies target program

Alternative Entry

  • i) Completion of a level 4 qualification and successful completion of MNU University Preparation Program OR
  • ii) 20 years old, completion of secondary school, 2 years of relevant work experience and successful completion of MNU University Preparation Program

General Notes

  • Entry requirements are indicative. Depending on the sequence and the number of applications received, all qualifying students may not gain entry.
  • Circumstances may require the University to defer or cancel some courses, especially when the minimum class size (10 for certificate & diploma courses, 15 for Degrees courses) is not achieved.
  • Passes at GCE OL/SSC and HSC is considered to be grades "C" or above and passes at GCE AL is considered to be the grades "E" or above.



Job opportunities in the field of journalism Employment in the language field Teaching positions Employment in various organizations Civil Service employment Employment in private institutions