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In 1987, following the ratification of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), a Maritime Training Centre was established under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport. The objective of the Centre was to provide education and training to Maldivian seafarers in order to meet the international standards set out in the STCW convention. In 1995, the Maritime Training Centre was moved to its present infrastructure at Villimale’, which solved the space constraints for training.


Shamsudhdheen Magu, Villimalé
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“I chose MNU because the services provided at MNU are well worth the fees. At MNU, I have gained a lot of valuable experiences and lessons, not only in class but through activities such as sports, entertainment and those geared towards life skill development and preparing you for life. I have been studying various courses at MNU for a total of six years now, and in that time I find that everyone from the teachers to the office workers, work very well to give us the quality education expected of MNU.”

Bachelor of Business, 2022

“I chose MNU because the environment here is quite enjoyable and in addition to the good quality of teaching, MNU also organizes different events aimed at developing students for the life ahead. Compared to other colleges in Maldives, I am very happy with MNU and appreciate that they provide us payment plans that makes education much more accessible and affordable.”

Bachelor of Shari'ah & Law (Honours), 2021

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The establishment of a Maritime Training Centre in the Maldives was made possible in 1987 through the ratification of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). This Centre, overseen by the Ministry of Transport, had the important task of educating and training Maldivian seafarers to meet the rigorous international standards set by the STCW convention. In 1995, recognizing the need for more space, the Maritime Training Centre relocated to its current location in Villimale'. The Centre underwent further transformations in 1999 with the establishment of the Maldives College of Higher Education (MCHE), leading to its renaming as the Centre for Maritime Studies. In 2011, significant changes occurred when the MCHE transitioned into a university. As a result, the Centre for Maritime Studies was elevated to an institute within The Maldives National University. Today, the Centre for Maritime Studies offers accredited courses aligned with the STCW convention, sanctioned by the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation. It remains dedicated to ensuring that Maldivian seafarers receive training that meets international standards.

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