Master and Deck Officer Refresher and Updating Course


60 Hours
Available Modes (Full-Time)


The course covers all the required competencies to refresh and upgrade seafarers to revalidate the Certificate of Competency of Master, Chief Mate, and Deck Watch-keeping Officer from STCW 78/95 to STCW 2010 and meets the requirement of STCW Regulation 1/11 and Section A-1/11 of the STCW Code. In order to establish continued professional competence in accordance with section A-I/11 of the STCW Code, candidates are required to complete the MDRUC course. This course is open to all seafarers holding a valid OR expired Maldivian STCW Certificate of Competency as Master, Chief Mate, and Deck Watch-Keeping Officer. The course consists of the following modules 1. Conventions-20 hours 2. Safety-24 hours 3. Bridge Team Work-16 hours Entry criteria The applicants shall hold the relevant STCW Certificate of Competencies of 1. Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (Limited/Unlimited) Certificate of Competency OR 2. Chief Mate (limited/unlimited) Certificate of Competency OR 3. Master (limited/unlimited)


Masters and Officers of merchant vessels, Cruise ships, and Super yachts