Refresher and Updating - Proficiency in Personel Survival Techniques


5 Hours
Available Modes (Full-Time)


This 1 Day STCW ‘Refresher and Updating-Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques (RU-PPST) Course aims to meet the mandatory minimum standards of competence for safety familiarization, basic training, and instruction set out in Regulation VI/1, Section A-VI/1 Para 3, Table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW ’78, as amended. Seafarers employed as part of a ship’s complement, or engaged in any capacity on board ships on the business of those ships, with designated safety or pollution-prevention duties in the operation of the ship shall, before being assigned to any shipboard duties, receive appropriate approved basic training or instruction in personal survival techniques as set out in table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code. The course covers the KUPs (knowledge, understanding, and proficiency) in table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code, and trainees successfully completing this course will gain knowledge and skills to be able to survive at sea in the event of ship abandonment. This training course shall be required every five years, to provide evidence of having maintained the required standard of competence, to undertake the tasks, duties and responsibilities listed in column 1 of table A V1/1-1 of the STCW. Competences 1. Comprehend the safety guidance for survival at sea. 2. Identify the emergency situations and mustering. 3. Understand the procedures during evacuation. 4. Comprehend how to use personal life-saving appliances. 5. Identify how the survival craft and rescue boats are launched and operated. 6. Understand how to use emergency radio equipment. 7. Identify the survivor’s actions when being rescued. 8. Identify the survivor’s actions when required to abandon the ship, when in the water and aboard a survival craft. Students are continuously assessed during the course. They must demonstrate the following: • Correctly don and use an immersion suit • Jump from a height into water • Swim while wearing a life jacket • Right and inverted life raft while wearing a life jacket • Keep a float without a life jacket • Board a survival craft from the water when wearing a life jacket Learners who are undertaking this training:- • Must have completed Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques as set out in Section A-VI/1, Table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code • Must be medically fit for the practical training • Are requested to sign the self-declaration form as a per-requisite to attending the Personal Sea Survival Techniques refresher course.


The course is for Marine and Non-Marine roles including Officers and Ratings of merchant vessels, Cruise ships crews, Super yacht crews. Furthermore, this course is highly recommended for persons working onboard Safari vessels, local passenger and cargo vessels, local passenger vessels and fishing vessels