Faculty of Shari'ah and Law

The Institute of Sharia and Law was established by the Government on 11 August 1999. The purpose of the establishment of this faculty was to produce sufficiently competent persons in the judicial and legal field in order to further strengthen the judicial and legal sector of the Maldives. In April 2010, the Maldives College of Higher Education was appointed by a Presidential Decree, and the Faculty of Islamic Studies was established. On 1 January 2018, the Faculty of Sharia and Law and the Faculty of Islamic Studies were merged. The faculty was renamed the Faculty of Law and Islamic Studies. On 7 October 2020, the University Council once again renamed the faculty as Faculty of Sharia and Law. The faculty offers undergraduate courses as well as masters courses and has courses running on the campuses across the nation.


Rahdhebai Higun, Machangolhi, Male’, 20371, Maldives
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“I chose MNU because I wanted to pursue a career in the nursing field. I did some research and I found out that among the universities in Maldives, MNU offers the best nursing courses. Studying at MNU has given me countless valuable experiences. Most importantly it allowed me implement what I learnt in theory classes in a practical setting.”

Bachelor of Nursing, 2022

“The Maldives National University is the foundation of all the legal fields and One of the reasons why I have been able to attain scholarship opportunities and other success from the world's largest universities. Completing my degree at the Maldives National University laid a strong groundwork for my future endeavors.”

Mariyam Sunana
Bachelor of Shari'ah & Law (Honours), 2018

Student Life

Life at Faculty of Shari'ah and Law

The Faculty of Shari'ah and Law (FSL) was established by the government in August 1991 and later became part of The Maldives National University in February 2011. It serves as a leading center for research in classical Islamic law and modern legal education, with a focus on bridging the gap between Islamic and contemporary legal systems. The faculty actively contributes to the advancement of Islamic laws while offering programs and courses that cover Islamic law, jurisprudence, and general law studies. One of the primary objectives of the Faculty of Shari'ah and Law is to produce competent legal professionals and scholars who can make valuable contributions to the legal field in the Maldives. By integrating theoretical knowledge with practical training, the faculty ensures that students are well-prepared for legal practice and research. Many graduates of the faculty have successfully pursued careers in various sectors, including the judiciary, litigation, and academia, both locally and internationally.

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